Project Dynamo

Project Dynamo will, in the coming months, result in a high-speed slide whole slide scanner capable of creating high resolution pseudo 3D digital images of tissue samples mounted on standard glass slides.

Dynamo will also include unique capabilities to integrate with cloud based ICC colour management profile generators. This will standardise image quality and display colour on a scanner-to-scanner and monitor-to-monitor basis.





With an optical path of up to 40x,an NA of up to 0.53, multi-layer Z-stack imaging and dynamic focus tracking the scanner has the following performance characteristics:

Scan time for 15mm x 15mm brightfield scan <120 secs @x40;

<55 secs @x20;

<60 secs @x10;

<40 secs @x5;

When combined with the 384 position autoloader then typical productivity is shown below

Average scan time for 15mm x 15mm brightfield scan For 384 slides:

< 18 hours @x40;

<11 hours @x20;

Productivity at x10 and x5 to remain unchanged at <11 hours for 384 slides.

In terms of productivity it is also important to consider re-scan rate and image quality across the whole slide. Our proven, patented dynamic focussing method ensures pin sharp image with minimal re-scan rates.

Dynamo will be available in both Brightfield and Brightfield/Fluorescence configurations.