Fast tracking your concept to market leading product

Incorporating new technologies and competencies without losing sight of the core objectives is a major challenge to Life Science companies.

At FFEI we have unique expertise in designing, developing and manufacturing digital imaging components that have been integrated into market leading products.

You also get the reassurance that you are working with a partner with a  product development culture that is proven to be successful.

We have more than four decades experience of solving complex digital imaging problems with a wide range of companies ranging in size from blue chip to SME.

Furthermore, for more than 10 years we have enabled our blue chip life science partners to introduce and sustain market leading products in a diverse range of applications.

Not only do we bring creative and innovative capabilities to our partners’ projects, we also have the strong ethic of strict process controls and disciplines required for successful product development.

Being part of FujiFilm for nearly a decade has embedded the use of rigorous processes and systems into our operational culture.

Throughout our business we use the “V-Model” process with six stage gates that ensures partners benefit from rapid, high quality, customer-ready product design.