Fast tracking your concept to market leading product

Our research and development team have expertise in all the key elements of digital imaging system design. To ensure a smooth transition from concept to production we have in-house capability in the following:

Precision mechanical design & motion systems

Central to all digital imaging equipment is the precision motion systems required for imaging control and slide or plate handling.

Leading edge image capture requires developing and controlling mechanical motion and handling systems to sub micron accuracies.

We have expertise in developing all aspects of electronically controlled optomechanical motion systems using a variety of analogue and digital technologies.

Linescan camera technology

High speed and resolution digital imaging is best achieved with linescan camera technology. We have successfully deployed both CCD and CMOS technologies for the high speed generation of exceptional quality images.

Real time embedded software & algorithm development

FFEI have in house expertise to develop image/colour processing and for the development of complex instrument control systems. This includes embodiment across many platforms including digital signal processors and fully integrated computing systems.

Real time embedded software

To provide effective machine and high speed data controls the software systems are based on real time operating system architectures which are integrated or embedded into our products. This includes an ability to both develop driver and kernel level software.


Digital images have to be captured, generated and manipulated. This requires a high level of competence in digital electronic design and implementation using high Level language descriptions targeted at Complex Programmable Logic Devices (CPLD) and industry leading Field Programmable  Gate Arrays (FPGA).

In addition we also address all aspects of electronic analogue and digital system design from concept through to PCB production and integration.